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Omnigrasp got 1st prize at EuroEAP industry challenge!

Omnigrasp grippers in action!


Omnigrasp is a spin-off company coming out of research activities at EPFL in Switzerland and at Politecnico di Bari in Italy. Our technology builds on the top of more than 7 years of research in leading soft robotics laboratories. Company main founder and CEO is Dr. Vito Cacucciolo.


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Omnigrasp is an electrical soft robotic gripper that uses electroadhesion on movable compliant fingers to deftly and securely grasp an enormous range of objects. Silicone rubber fingers enable Omnigrasp to safely handle even for the most delicate objects, such as a raspberry, yet also heavy objects like a watermelon.

Control is extremely simple: the soft material conforms automatically to the shape of the object, electroadhesion glues the fingers to the object when voltage is on.

Low power consumption, up to 1000x lower than competing pneumatic solutions and silent operation.

Target markets include crops harvesting, food industry, textiles, biomaterials, assembling of high-end, delicate goods such as watches and medical equipment.